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Talking Sounds

American Broadcasting about the radio plays and radio dramas of Hans Schuettler, broadcasted at 10.8.13 on Wavefarm Freq 103,9.

Hans Schuettler gave a lecture, workshop and concert at the Harvestworks Studio in New York, Broadway, Manhatten at the 6.7.13 and 7.7.13


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Hans Schüttler - piano, electronic modules, concerts, audiophonic pieces...

Hans Schuettler live in South Korea Hans Schüttler is composer, entertainer, piano player and electronic musician.
He started early with piano playing. His lecturer at the music akademie in Kassel was the russian concertpianist Nicolai Posnjakow.

Later he studied jazz and new music in Darmstadt and Hamburg.

He was a lecturer on piano, improvisation and arrangement at the universities Kassel, Rostock, Halle and Hamburg.

His numerous tours through Russia and Asia were supported by the Goethe Institut, the "Deutscher Musikrat" and the German state. From the german county Niedersachsen he received a scholarship and from the city Hamburg he is regulary asked to compose music.

His concerts and compositions can be heard worldwide from Havanna to Helgoland. He worked together with the composers Manos Tsangaris, Dieter Schnebel, Dror Feiler, Anthony Braxton and with the producers Norbert Schaeffer and Wolfgang Stockmann.

Schüttler produced music for theatres and radio plays for "DeutschlandRadio Berlin", WDR, for the Zappa musician Jimmy Carl Black, for museums, the theatre "Kampnagel" in Hamburg and for many earbook companies.

His compositions were broadcasted worldwide by radio and tv: WDR 3, WDR 4, HR 2, NDR 3 (german radiostations), WDR III (german TV), radio moscow, moscow tv, Radio Metropolitan Havanna, Korean TV.

Hans Schuettler in his studio With the Zappa musician Jimmy Carl Black Hans Schuettler opened the documenta X in Kassel and produced an earpiece and radio plays in the studio.

Fluxus: at the Fluxusfestival Hamburg 2002 Hans Schüttler made performances together with Dieter Schnebel and the group Reflux. The 40 year anniversary of fluxus was also celebrated in the region Stade near Hamburg. A fluxus service even took place in a bus.

2004 Hamburg became an "Energy location": Happenings took place at special locations. The audiences were a part of the performances.

What Joseph Beuys with his pieces of fat and room installations did for the object art, Hans Schuettler does in the music:
He embeds banality in an artistic context and reveals by this the aesthetic qualities of everyday life.

Hamburger Abendblatt

A Solo Concert With Hans Schüttler

A small scrap of paper shows the way to the concert. It just says: PIANO PERPORMANCE. With its white cupola, the concert hall looks like an arena. Everything is quite. The only sounds are made by the man on the door taking the money. No word. Something is in the air, everyone can sense it, a sort of electricity. Like the moment before a heavy thunder cloud breaks.
The early arrivals are busy checking all the things arranged around the piano. Plastic cutlery, an accordion, bottles, some records and other small objects. The ghost of George Maciunas is in the space -"place a dog or cat or both inside the piano and play Chopin". The blond man at the door moves to the stage accompanied by the sound of coins rattling in the money-box under his arm."We shall start soon" he says without much conviction. After doing some meditation-type exercises at the back of the stage he reappears as Hans Schüttler (lecturer of composition in the university of Kassel)
A refreshing summer rain, a tornado, thunder and lightning engulfs the audience. Virtuoso classical piano music played to its limits.(Schüttler has studied classical music under the Russian concert pianist Nikolai Posnjakow and jazz theory with Dieter Glawischnig in Hamburg, taking his degree on the symphony No.21 by Anton Webern.

Soft rhythms from Haydn, Chopin and Liszt are roughly interupted by staccato improvisations and then a scratch on the record. A scratch on the record? The same section is repeated until the imaginary needle passes the obstacle. (Possible Variation: A ringing alarm clock)."Perception" Schüttler says, quoting the Canadian philosopher Marshall McLuhan "is a matter of circumstance"."It's a poetic world all of its own". Schüttler dives into the music, playing himself into a kind of ecstacy mixing all the different musical styles. Now he is dripping with sweat(so that's what the towel by his stool is for).The piano vibrates as he gives his instrument the kiss of life(John Gage being the musical father-figure to this man born in 1962).Some prepared music reminiscent of Tschaikowsky chords. Or manipulating the piano strings with glasses (that can also be shattered against the wall). Then there is some action on the casing of the piano (followed by hitting the pedals with his fists). The use of the accordion provides an interlude and then another of the very obyious breaks  that dominate the different pieces of sound. Some playing on the electronic sampler, the shoulders of the pianist rising and falling like wings (Schüttler has also orchestrated the classical Nosferatu by Murnaus at cinemas in Hamburgr Lübeck and Wismarj). A duet with the record player using sandpaper. Associations, memories and deja-vus racing through the audience. An endless stream. A suction of immense speed. So much nusical material scarcely compressed or constructed. The music demands breaks by the sheer scale of the work." Just like life being full of interludes" Schüttler says taking his bow and looking like a glorious exhausted decathlete dripping with sweat. The applause never stops.

Christina Hain (German TV), Niall Monroe (Translation)
Kassel 2004

music for strange animals


Hans Schüttlers compositions belonged to the highlights of the festival. He is a very important composer of contemporary music in Germany.

Prof. Ulrich Süße, Musikhochschule Stuttgard, to the Festival für Elektronische Musik in Havanna 1999)

In the "Thalia Theater" in Hamburg I enjoyed together with my friend Prof. Dieter Schnebel a splendid soloperformance with piano and electronics from Hans Schuettler.

Prof. Michael Hamel, Musikhochschule Hamburg

Live in Seoul 2008

The piano solo concert of Hans Schüttler was the highlight of the whole festival.

"Jazzthetik", to the festival in Volgograd (Russia) "Unknown Movement" 1998

There is total tension ... Schüttler takes you with him into the chaos of life.

Winsener Anzeiger

By Schüttler the concepts of DJ and Remix get a grotesque meaning.

OZ Klangart

Hans Schüttler is a queer actor, a modern music clown. His wonderful odd mixture of comedy, chaos and quality is so intelligently funny, because it uncovers absurdities in our understanding of music, which we have long since accepted, and because it shows and exposes connections, which nobody would ever notice in the routine of the cultural business.

OZ KlangArt

Unforgotten how the audience plays against the silence, ... performed by Hans Schuettler ... with simple air wrappings ... and CD holder ... crackled ... This lively gripping music exceed all expectation.

MusikTexte Nr. 94

Hans Schüttler produced Electronic sounds with the help of muscles or are presented as produced control voltages.

Winsener Anzeigen

I was specially impressed by the improvisation of his pupils. In a free and individual way and with a lot of imagination they presented atmospheres and stories. The children hat a lot of fun.

Prof. Dr. Christina Klein, University Halle, in "Halleschen Tageblatt"

In the solo concert of Hans Schüttler nothing may be to banal, otherwise the fascination and power of sounds would be destroyed.

Hamburger Abendblatt
music producting in the NDR radio studio Hamburg